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“I started with Lou in my 8th grade summer and since then I have not been the same player or person. He has taught me a lot from proper shot form to footwork in the paint and on the arc. But the greater lessons were the meaning of hard work and dependability. This is something that I have taken and used on the court, in other sports and my personal life as well. I would highly recommend Lou to anyone who is looking to improve their game.

-Jon Morrison U of Rhode Island

“Lou was the cornerstone in my athletic development. He helped me become the player I am and through his lessons, he gave me consistency in my shooting abilities as well as a solid foundation as a basketball player. He gave me a solid foundation that increased my abilities on the court, helping me become a 1000 point scorer. Lou didn’t only help with basketball though, he related basketball to life and gave me confidence in myself which helped me become the all-around athlete I am today. I would highly recommend Lou to anyone who is looking to become a better overall person and basketball player together.”

-Brett Morrison, Fairfield University ‘20 

My son played in rec leagues for a couple seasons, but he wasn't getting adequate coaching, and he wasn't getting better or figuring out how to really play the game. After six month working with Hoopnerds and building his skills from the ground up, my son's level of play has improved exponentially. From ball handling to shooting to keeping up with the speed of the game, Coach Lou imparts fundamental skills at a depth that no other program I know of can offer. Lou also creates a culture of respect and personal responsibility that seems missing from a lot of youth athletics. I'm grateful the program exists.   

-Ben, father of 8th grader

Hoopnerds helped our son immensely! Unlike other coaches who simply saw him as tall and therefore slotted to one role on the court, Lou saw him holistically and trained him as a total player thus making the game more fun and increasing his ability to contribute on many levels. Unlike other programs where the emphasis is on winning games or "daddy ball", this program is based on skill development of the whole player where every player receives attention and instruction regardless of ability level. If you want your son or daughter to improve, increase their fitness level and unlock their potential, sign up with Lou Roe and Hoopnerds Academy, you will be glad that you did! 

-Elizabeth mother of 9th grader

I’ve had all 3 of my sons work with Lou with great results. Invaluable coaching and innovative drills. Terrific enthusiasm bolstering confidence. A gem in the Pioneer Valley.  

-Andy, father of 3 players

We are so grateful our son is a part of Hoop Nerds and working with Coach Lou. Coach Lou strikes the ideal balance of high expectations and high instruction, and we have seen our son grow, improve and expand out of his comfort zone. We recommend Hoop Nerds and Coach Lou enthusiastically!

-Gretchen, mother of 5th grader

"Lou Roe is nothing short of a professional.  His experience, expertise and training is unparalleled.  My son has become twice the player in one short year.  Lou understands the mind and body of an athlete, develops them- while building confidence and good sportsmanship.  I recommend Lou's training to all aspiring basketball players - my boys are not only learning the ins and outs of the game from a professional, but, they also learn what it means to be a young gentleman on and off the court." 

-Jill, mother of 9th grader

Not only has my son has made tremendous gains in both his defensive and offensive game, but he also has an opportunity to practice core values such as teamwork, integrity, and respect.  Coach Lou has changed my son's life on and off the court!

-Katherine,  mother of 7th grader